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September 6, 2010 / Jason Aleksander

To be continued…

I’ve recently be considering whether or not I should continue this blog. Honestly, I’ve not kept to it as religiously as I had intended. And now that I’m going back to work I didn’t believe that I would have much time. However, after much contemplation, I’ve decided to continue for two reasons. The first is that as I continue to write and to post, I can keep a track of the progress of my writing. I generally believe that my best talent is my ability to communicate – write and speak. As such, by keeping this blog I can analyze my progress and development as a writer. The second reason is that I believe that this blog will serve somewhat as a journal (which I believe was the main idea of a blog. Go figure!) I’d like to one day look back at my life’s Thoughts and Adventures and I believe that this blog will be the window through which I would peer.

July 13, 2010 / Jason Aleksander

X and Y

My Dad recently won a promotion from a local phone company. In brief, the company sponsored a small party for him and fifteen persons to watch the World Cup Final. The party took place yesterday and it was brilliant. However it was not as much the activities of the event but the persons there, that is of interest. Two persons, to be exact.

Not one of us alive, especially in the western world, have not heard about a love triangle gone wrong. In this instance, I use the phrase ‘love triangle gone wrong’ to refer to an argument, quarrel or fight between two persons, for the interest or ‘love’ of another. Unfortunately, I’ve had experience of that happening. In one instance, the two young ladies fought in my shower and broke the shower door. Then the antagonists proceeded to find a knife and scissors and cut clothing articles of her opponent. Believe me when I say this, such an occurrence never feels good. At the end I was more embarrassed than either of the young ladies. Neither of whom I know see.

Now it is my belief that the media (yes, the media) has given love triangles a bad name- just like it has done Africa. Shows such as Maury, Divorce Court and especially Jerry Springer make me sick. In earnest I believe that most women are decent and would not descend to such low class behaviour as accosting or confronting someone whom they believe may be intimately involved with their lover. A woman with self-esteem and class knows how to carry herself. She knows how to not just be a woman, but a Lady.

Now you may be asking yourself, ‘what the heck does this have to do with my Dad and his party?’ Well, here’s the answer: unwittingly, I invited an ex of mine and a young woman I’m now seeing -yes, both of them- to the said party. I know what you may be thinking, and the answer is NO! I did not intentionally ask them both to come just for dramatic effect. Actually, I invited my new friend first but I was not certain whether or not she’d be there. So at the last minute, I called up my ex. Interestingly enough, as soon as I finished inviting my ex, the new lady calls and confirms. What a predicament!

Now I know my ex is a relatively quiet one- out of the bedroom anyway. But this new girl, I didn’t know much about her and I was a wee bit concerned about how she might react. I mean I didn’t expects a WWF knock-down by an means, but this was our first date so it would have been just a lil bit tricky.

My ex and I got there first, together with my brother & my Dad and his friends. So far so good. Fifteen minutes later, my new friend arrives. Pulls up in the parking lot, steps out of her car and is looking stunning. Dressed quite simple, but simply beautiful. So now there are two remarkably looking young ladies whose only link is me. It was hot outside, but that wasn’t the reason I was sweating.

Anyway, I ushered my new friend in. We sat and I offered her a drink. To my shocking surprise, her first question to me was: “Any one of them here is you woman?” What do I do now lie? and then she may find out and my credibility is shot. Or speak the truth. I decided to go with the later. And boy I’m I glad. She smiled and was really pleasant about it.

We sat there and watched the game together, ate together and enjoyed conversation. She was just so very charming. Meanwhile my my two brothers and my really good friend kept my ex entertained. I went over now and then and checked up on her. I even brought her a glass of wine. I did catch her darting a few glances in the direction of me and my new friend every so often. But beyond that, the ladies were ladies and the evening turned to to be exceptional exceptional.

At the end of the game my new friend left. My ex and I had some tequila shots together and everybody seemed happy. But I think what really made the evening for me was when at the end, my Dad came up to me and said ‘Your ladies know how to behave. They were decent and sophisticated.’ I think that may have been the best thing he’s ever told me.

July 7, 2010 / Jason Aleksander

And so I run…

*Names have been changed for obvious reasons.

Over the last two years, I’ve put on a little weight. The complacency and care-free attitude I developed during my time at college has gotten me a bit apathetic about my eating habits. As a result, tomorrow morning I plan to start jogging again. As I contemplate my return to the run, the reason why I first started running rolls into my mind- slowly and intently, like an ominous oncoming fog.

In September 2007, I met Pearl. She was beautiful. She had the sweetest ass that I’d ever seen. Smooth dark skin, a remarkable sense of style and a simple but quite seductive smile. I was immediately attracted to her.

Eventually I started getting to know her and things moved fast, kinda. After two weeks, she had given me my first blowjob- an hour later we had sex for the first time. The sex was great. She was just brilliant. In all honesty, we fucked for five hours straight on that first night- everywhere in the house. Everywhere. It was spectacular.

Everything was going great. Great it was, except for the fact that I had a girlfriend- Tara. The relationship between my girlfriend and I was deteriorating, so I decided to end it. Tara wasn’t going out easily. Matter of fact, it was only after invading my house on a Friday night and fighting with Pearl, did Tara finally decide to leave me alone.

From then on, Pearl and I had some great times. She was a goddess in bed. She was literally the best sex I ever had. The best. We did it everywhere. At my workplace, the bus, the terminal, the beach, sea-walls- everywhere. All this sex was great, but I never trusted her. Every other Friday, she came home with me and spent the weekend. Whenever she did come home, the only thing we did besides make love, was eat and bathe. I could never get enough of her and she could never have enough sex.

With all the trust issues, inevitably we broke up- in June 0f 2008. I left her and then she left me. Yes, it happened like that. And for the first time in my life, I missed a woman. I mean, I didn’t love her, but I did like her. Even more importantly, I liked the sex and I missed it.

Whenever Friday came I felt purpose-less. She wasn’t there to go home with, what was I supposed to do? It was weird, utterly strange and unbearable. I would go home on the weekend and I would be restless and irritable. Nothing made sense, until I decided to run. I decided I needed to get in shape, I was gonna focus on me and to do that I was gonna run.

The first morning, I took my iPod, running shoes, shorts and vest, and I started running. I struggled to complete the jog. But as tired and drained as my body was, I was feeling good. That evening when I came from work, the free time I had just lead me to thinking about her again- her breasts, her perfect ass and that sex. So, I decided to run again. Eventually it became a routine. I ran in the morning and I ran in the evening.

As the weeks went by, I started having sex with one of my co-workers. She was also spectacular in her own right. But I kept on running. I ran and I ran and I ran. I’ve never been sure whether I was running from my problems or running to forget, but I ran.

For the entire summer, I ran every morning and every evening. Then, college started. The abundance of ‘opportunities’ available at the institution quickly got me very distracted. After about a month, I lost my running discipline and motivation. I finally stopped running. The downside is that I started to put on weight. And now, although I’m not fat, I feel uncomfortable with my size. So I’ve decided to start running again.

The good thing is that this time, I know I’m running for me. So, from tomorrow, I run again.

July 7, 2010 / Jason Aleksander

The Cruise, The Lesbians

On Sunday, I went on a day cruise. Now for those of you who don’t know, this is where the boat goes out for roughly four hours, the DJ blasts music (usually soca or dancehall reggae) and people drink, dance and generally enjoy themselves. It was a good cruise- not extraordinarily eventful in any way. I drank, got drunk and slept. Then I woke up half-sober with a throbbing headache, and started drinking again.

Now all of this is pretty ‘normal’ and not worth remembering – to be honest, I don’t remember much. However, what I do remember is this: on the boat there were a group of five girls, who are said to be lesbians, and I was just inexplicably attracted to them. Now this is not the first time I’ve seen them, but my God, i felt as if I could fuck everyone of them 64 ways to heaven.

They were generally good-looking. Slim in build and varying height – shortest about 5′ 7″, tallest 5′ 11″. Their bodies were lean and generally firm. However, behind the flat abs and the perky breasts, one could see that they had ‘been through’ a bit. Not in a bad way. To put it bluntly it felt like watching a couple of billboards which said ‘I’ve fucked around and I’ll fuck you crazy’. I couldn’t help but just stand there in my drunken stupor and lust. Blatantly and openly lust.

The first thought I had was “Fuck it, you’re higher that the international space-station right now, give it a go’./ But I decided ‘no’. These are seasoned women and as hot/sexy/slutty/trashy as they look, you will not gain their interest while you’re drunk. As such, i concluded that i should leave them alone, and whenever I’m sober, the first one I see approach. Say ‘hi’ start a conversation and just cruise.

July 7, 2010 / Jason Aleksander

First Post

This blog will detail my life for the next six to eight weeks. Everyday I will recount the events of the past twenty -four hours in honest, unadulterated and graphic detail plus whatever topics issues or ideas I may wish to share my thoughts on. In truth and in fact, I don’t have the most interesting of lives, but it’s not that boring either. This is gonna be fun…enjoy it with me.

July 7, 2010 / Jason Aleksander

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!